Rack Repair

Stabilize Your Racks

Prevent Future Damage

In order to keep your employees safe and products intact. Rack repairs is a valuable task that must be fixed promptly. Be smart and don't discard the frames, unless you have no other options. The fact is, the majority of damage occurs the bottom 6" of your rack. This leaves 98% of your frames still in good shape.

Our supply, expertise and experience will give you the peace of mind, you need to repair your rack. We offer a variety of options depending upon the severity of damage, budget and methods.

Rack Repair Methods

  1. Damo-Pro Bolt on Fixture
  2. WPSS Bolt on Fixture
  3. New- Generation 3
  4. The Magnum PRP-1

Plus, if you’ve determined your rack is not longer salvageable. We’d be happy to provide you with a variety of options for your needs.

Replacement Process

  1. Review of Pallet Rack Safety Factors
  2. Determine the Amount of Damage Caused
  3. Total Cost of Repairs

For more information or a free estimate on rack repair or replacement. Please call (717) 587-7637.

Damo-Pro & WPSS Bolt on Fixture

Damo Pro Bolt Fixture

Our Installation Process

  1. Removal of broken pallets and debris.
  2. Take off weight of damaged leg.
  3. Cut off damaged area.
  4. Install replacement unit into current frame.

NEW - Generation 3

Repair Kit Includes

  • Rectangular steel tubing --- Size: 3" by 1"
  • Safety Orange Power Coating -- Size: 1/2" by 3/16"
  • 2 Concrete stud anchors ( Available upon request)
  • Front & Back Mounting Hardware
  • Two 1/2" grade 5 carriage bolts, lock & nuts.
  • Side Mounting Hardware
  • Four 1/2" grade 5 bolts, locks and nuts.

The Magnum PRP-1

Repair Kit Includes

  • Foot Plate 3" wide x 10" long ( from 3/8
  • Mounting Hardware
  • One 7/8” front hole for a 3/4” anchor & rugged bull nose.
  • Two 3/4” holes for a 5/8" anchor in the rear.
  • Facing Plate
  • Six 1/2” mounting holes.


  • $153.80 each
  • Minimum purchase order of 25
Docking Hydraualic Level

Watch Rack Repair

This video show how damo-Pro is quick and easy to use.
Restoring your pallets racks back to work.

Stop Accidents

In our rack replacement process. We will review your safety features, to prevent accidents, like the one above.

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