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Repetitive work heavy lifting and awkward postures; happens everyday in the world of material handling. The leading causes of MSD otherwise known as musculosketal disorders. According to OSHA MSD accounts for 34% of work related injuries, $1 out of every $3 for workers compensations. Overall annually a ” $15 billion to $20 billion in workers compensations costs.” Direct cost of time loss and payment claims up to $50 billion annually.

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One way to defeat MSD is with the use of Lift Tables. Each table is designed to prevent lower back injuries, assisting in lifting and creasing manual labor. Creating a safer environment in your workers ergonomics.

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repair. Working directly with the manufacture on all warranty repairs. Call 717-587-7637 or e-mail today and we’ll assist you in purchasing the right lift table for your job.

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My staff truly enjoy working with you and your crew. But more importantly, our clients enjoy working with you... extremely pleased with your work ethics and the quality of the work performed... Because of this, we now receive multiple inquires for showroom lifts and other lifts weekly...Thanks again... for all the good work.”
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American On Wheel's jobsite Arrival on site at America On Wheels Lift table installation Transferring Lift Table inside the building. Installation of Lift Table Adding touches for completion. Lift Table Completed Lift Table installation. Installation of Lift Table University of Virginia on site. Lift Table Installation of Scissor Lift Table. Scissor Lift Completing Scissor Lift Table Installation.

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