Go Beyond the Floor

Utilize Your Empty Space

Don’t wait another day with production on the floor. Mezzanines create a great overhead space for you to utilize. Your product traffic will breakthrough to new heights. Allowing your business to magnify in size. Saving time and money rather than a new building construction. Choose from either new or used equipment for installation, to fit your budget needs.

Pallet Boxes

We install on site with over 30 years of experience. Meeting OSHA and industry standards for national, state and local codes. Size ranges between 125lb/ft to 250lb/ft. Call today 717-587-7637 or e-mail and we’ll assist you with installing the right mezzanine for your.

Roll Form Mezzanines

Stop storing equipment and products on the floor. Choose rolled form mezzanine; designed with ridged frames to support your high density products for storage.

Structural Mezzanines

Structural Mezzanine are custom designed to fit your spacing environment. It is ideal for medium to large density loads, and includes the capability for single or multiple levels to be built.

Rack Support Mezzanines

Keep products off the floor and increase your space. Specify designed with multiple beams to give you rack storage. A very popular choice for order pick-up situations at supply manufactures.

Modular Mezzanines

These are engineered for quick installation and possibility for multiple levels. Customizable units in small spaces are great for office above the plant floor.

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Rack Support Mezzanine Installation for PennDot Rack Support Close Up Roll Form Mezzanine Beginning of Installation Birds Eye View Ground View Structural Mezzanine Installation Onsite at Dixon Valve Maryland

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