Package Cranes

Give Your Workers

An Extra Hand

Work Station Cranes are the prefect solution. It gives you the power to simplify tasks, assists in moving and heavy lifting. It also preventing injuries, and reduces worker’s compensations claims. We at Bouder Mechanical Services strive on making this a reality. Our mission is to provide quick installations, repair and maintenance.

Jib Crane Worker

What Brands Do We Install?

All types of bridge type work stations and Jib Cranes. Our local manufactures include Gorbal and Spanco.

What's Our Process

Usually a Material Handling Supplier contacts us - with the details of the purchased crane. We will then come into your warehouse and install it for you.

Why Choose Us?

Our 30 year experience in installing, repair and service of small package cranes; gives you the confidence and service you can count on. Give us a call today at
(717) 587 - 7637 for a free quote.

Jib Crane

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Installing A Crane Crane Installation

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