Rack Installation

Quality Storage

Increase Your Space

Product inventory is vital for a successful business to grow. Bouder Mechanical Services values your growth and success. We are dedicated in providing a variety of services to fit your needs.

Warehouse Communication

These include installation, rack repair, removal, and relocation. Contact us for a FREE Estimate today, by calling 717-587-7637 or e-mail andybouder@gmail.com

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Racks

Bulky Materials ?

Cantilever Racks are the perfect solution to your problems. Specifically designed to support cumbersome material ....

  • Lumber
  • Pipes
  • Tubing

Pallet Rack

Pallet Rack

Pressed on Space?

Value floor space and increase your inventory rotation. We provide the knowledge you need for installing new/used racks.

Assisting you in using the right material for the project; whether it be roll form or structural design. Your pallets will be stored safely and knowledge you deserve.

Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet Flow Rack

Inventory Control

Maximize racking space and depth for your products.
The Pallet Flow Rack system is specifically designed for high density and fast moving traffic.

Whether your system is first-in/first-out (FIFO) or last-in/first-out (LIFO), our trained professionals offer top quality installation for your company.

Drive In Rack

Drive In Rack

Worried On Shelf Life?

Installing a drive-in rack system is the solution to your problem. Designed for operators to drive directly into one rack at a time.

It is the most effective system for handling products, with expiration dates. Your customer will be happy and profits not lost.

Carton Flow Rack

Cartoon-Flow Rack

Need Less Handling?

Carton flow racks are designed to reduce the handling of your merchandise; using gravity to supply products to the front end of your shelf. It’s rear reloading area creates a smooth work flow.

Docking Hydraualic Level
We have used Bouder Mechanical Services for our rack installation and repair for many years and ... very satisfied with their services.”
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Standard Pallet Rack Select Rack also known as Standard Pallet Rack Cantilever Rack Installation of Cantilever Rack Cantilever Rack, storing wood Cantilever Rack In Use Pallet Flow Rack Installment of Pallet Flow System Push Back Rack Turkey Hill Cooler’s 2 Deep Push Back Rack Installation. Pallet Rack Pallet Rack In Use.

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